One Room Challenge // Week 3

April 16, 2014

soooo....welcome back to pure chaos, also known as week 3 of the one room challenge. you guys have been so supportive up to this point -- huge thank you!!! if you're here to see progress -- and i suspect you are -- your socks will remain intact this week. i've accomplished several things, but they're not impressive as major room transformations go. i don't need to make excuses, but i blame baby and an (incredible) out of town wedding over the weekend.

somehow still made progress, so WINNING.


- removed all dresser hardware and cleaned it up. brillo pad and barkeepers friend to the rescue! (also, i'm kind of a liar. my loving husband did this while i put ze bebe to bed two consecutive nights.)

 to this:
shameless plug: 
look at all of that delicious soon-to-be shop inventory!!

- removed existing dresser drawer liners and wiped all drawers down. discovered bank statements from 1987.

- removed closet doors and emptied closet for reorganization and painting. (yes, this deserves its own bullet.)

- emptied and photographed armoire to be sold. still waiting to remove it from the room...

- reconfigured layout.

- solved for new office chair solution. will use one of the brass milo baughman dining chairs and list the old (but virtually new) white leather one on craigs.

- actually started using my desk again!

hopefuls by next wednesday:

- paint closet. possibly add shelving. (don't tell the husband he will be helping again next week.)

- paint room and closet doors and rehang.

- remove armoire.

- reattach all dresser hardware.

- bring in rug for a dose of color. 

(vintage persian formerly in the family room)

- paint gumball machine.
yessir. i'm going there.

 i should have it brass dipped.

the week ahead is going to be full of MAJOR progress. can't wait to get to it!
aaaand now we see what the others are up to this week.

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One Room Challenge // Week 2

April 9, 2014

hey hey hey! so, it's week two of the one room challenge and i feel like i'm already behind. mostly because everyone seems to have a solid plan and i'm still acquiring furniture. yummy pieces like zees:

truthfully, i'm not much of a planner so this works for me.

to elaborate on last week's explanation for this room, i have every intention of working with what i already have as much as possible. if we're blessed with another bambino someday, this room's primary function will shift to my step-daughter's room/guest room with secondary use as an office. so no maaaaaaajor overhaul at this point. which is great because it gives me an opportunity to flex my design muscles and experiment a bit.

at the risk of being a total blogger cliche, i've decided to go with white walls. one because i hope to photograph inventory in here so clean and bright is necessary. two, it's uncomplicated and classic. three - and most importantly - i had a can of benjamin moore white dove left over after repainting our formal and kitchen last year. it's the most delicious warm white and it looks fantastic.


additional plans for this space include:

- clean up campaign dresser.
hardware needs some love and i have an ambitious plan for new drawer liners (said the non-DIYer)


- paint out closet and figure out how to best maximize this storage space

- address storage and inventory needs in general

- paint closet doors and possibly back of room door

- drapes

- lighting

- rug

- new office chair

- inspiration board above desk (another blogger cliche, but a must)

- art and accessories

- find giant unnecessary armoire a new home (preferably literally a new home)

let's check on these other fabulous folk, shall we?

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Want In Every Color // 08

April 8, 2014

pretty sure any room with one of these would be strictly off limits at my house.

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Interiors // Perfectly Edited

April 7, 2014

ummm. like whoa. i would like all of the things, please.
i don't care what anyone says. brass will always, always be hot. 

design by casey debois of homepolish.
spotted via sketch42

how's that for monday inspiration?

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